Sarangi Chillout 2

Following up to the smashing part one hit "Sarangi Chillout" comes another installment of sarangi chill vibes.

Sarangi Chillout 2


KUSHI, featuring the vocals of Anwar Pali from Khanna, Punjab and music from D-E-A themselves alongside Nin Matharu and the Lyrics of D-E-A's own Harman Randhawa, is made to rock the dancefloor on all occasions!

As seen on BritAsia TV.

Jeona Morh

Instrumen-dhols EP

Instrumen-dhols is fantastic album containing upbeat bhangra tracks, dhol, dholak and other percussion rhythms and much more for a whole range of uses. A must CD for students of music.

Ideal for:


On A Serious Note EP

On A Serious Note sees D-E-A explore and expand their vast musical knowledge into an eclectic mix of desi sounds fused effortlessly with contemporary western beats. The instrumental EP features 4 superb singles that set themselves apart musically and will be perfect for not only DJs, but all musical uses.

Includes the hit songs:

On a serious note

Drum & Disorderly EP

The Drum & Disorderly EP contains 4 smashing tunes with various tools and instruments being included, ideal for backing tracks for Dholis, and banging desi dancefloor tracks.

Includes the hit songs:

Drum & Disorderly

Bhangreggae Single

A one off dub-style reggae tune fused with indian influence and instruments to produce this mellow and chilled out song.

Simply something different and refreshing, ideal for various backing track / music.


The First Dance Single

A soothing, upbeat and romantic instrumental thats ideal for an entrance or first dance on your special wedding day.

Put a special twist to your big day and dance to a song which is a little different to your average Bollywood / Bhangra song.

The First Dance

Jeona Morh

The smash hit collaboration with The D-E-A and the legendary Surinder Shinda come together to recreate a classic for modern times.

As seen on BritAsia TV.

Jeona Morh

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